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Multiquip Light Towers
Multiquip introduces the LT6K Series light tower. It is compact, mobile, and combines features to tackle the demanding requirements found in construction, mining, energy exploration,security and event applications.
MLT-Series Modular Light Towers
Multiquip MLT-Series Modular Light Towers combine a rugged frame with your choice of either a high quality Multiquip DA7000SSA generator or SDW225SSA generator/welder.

GloBug Balloon Systems
Use GloBugs on these and other applications: Road Construction and Maintenance, Search and Rescue, Parties and Special Events, Mining, Flagger stations, Disaster Relief, Emergency Repairs, Landscaping, Farming and Agriculture, Forensic Lighting ...and much more
GloBug Balloon Lights
The heart of the GloBug System is our innovative Balloon Light, available in a variety of configurations. Couple that with a number of unique mounting systems - portable stand, cart, or directly attached to equipment - and you have the finest glare-free lighting system available

Cart-Mounted GloBug Balloon Systems
The ideal combination of GloBug, generator, and heavy duty cart. The steerable heavy-duty cart is designed for easy transportation - sets up without tools and easy to maneuver

Portable Stand-Mounted GloBug Balloon Systems
When space is limited but illumination is required, call on Multiquip's Portable Stand-Mounted GloBug Balloon Lights. Quick to set-up and both Balloon and Stand collapse into easy to transport packages.

Equipment-Mounted GloBug Balloon Systems
Ideal for mobile construction - mount your GloBug Balloon Light directly on equipment or vehicles with these solutions.

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