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Van-Mark Brakes & Roofing Products

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All Pictures shown are with optional stand except the
Industrial Metal Master 20, Mark IV Brake & the 48" Industrial Slitter
All Van Mark Brakes, Tools and Accessories are
Manufactured AND Assembled in the USA!

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For Flat Aluminum Sheets & Aluminum Siding Rolls

Material Industrial Commerical Contractor Mark IV
Aluminum 0.050 0.040 0.032 0.050
Galv. Steel 20 ga 24 ga 26 ga 20 ga
Painted Steel Grade D 24 ga 24 ga 26 ga 24 ga
Copper 32 oz 32 oz 24 oz 36 oz
Zinc Alloy 0.050 0.040 0.032 0.050
Stainless Steel 24 ga 26 ga 26 ga 24 ga

Note : The difference between the Contractor & Commercial Grade Van Mark Brakes is that the Commercial Brakes have more "C" Brackets therefore 
making the Commercial Models a more Heavy Duty unit for extreme work environments

For Aluminum Siding Rolls

Material Rec
Aluminum 0.040
Galv. Steel 24 ga
Painted Steel Grade D 24 ga
Copper 32 oz
Zinc Alloy 0.040
Stainless Steel 26 ga


Material Rec
Aluminum 0.040
Galv. Steel 24 ga
Painted Steel Grade D 24 ga
Copper 32 oz
Zinc Alloy 0.040
Stainless Steel 26 ga


Material Rec
Aluminum 0.032
Galv. Steel 26 ga
Painted Steel Grade D 26 ga
Copper 24 oz
Zinc Alloy 0.032
Stainless Steel 26 ga


Material Rec
Aluminum 0.19"
Galv. Steel 26 ga
Painted Steel Grade D N/a
Copper N/a
Zinc Alloy N/a
Stainless Steel N/a


24", 36", 48", 60" and 72" Models Available

VAN-MARK INDUSTRIAL SLITTERs - Manual or Electric Models


Now you can form gutter-cover from trim coil for virtually any profile, right on the job site. Along with aluminum extruded brackets and plated anchors, the patent pending Trim-A-Gutter tool is designed for all levels of expertise.

Forms industry standard 4 ft. lengths from standard trim coil or gutter coil. Tool comes complete with UniMount hardware for mounting to any Van Mark brake, or independently using UniLegs

Van Mark Products proudly introduces Industrial Slitter Combo™, the newest addition to a long and successful lineup of portable slitters. Designed to handle most sheet metals used in commercial roofing and siding, this tool allows for easy single user operation from start to finish. From the built-in feed table to the multiple roller exit table, the user friendly features will save you time and money not only on the job-site, but in your shop as well.


The original portable slitter, Trim-A-Slitter™, by Van Mark Products, was designed for production slitting, rib forming and perforating materials in the shop or on the job. Whether your making custom ventilated soffit panels, or stiffening trim work with the rib forming feature, Van Mark has the slitter for all your material handling needs. Available in 24", 36", 48", 60" and 72" models.


 Engineered to slit, perforate and stiffen most coil and sheet materials, the Trim-A-Slitter® is a must for anyone performing light-to-heavy duty material handling. Trim-A-Slitter® is a rugged piece of precision equipment designed for demanding on-the-job use. The unit is fully anodized to retain its integrity, good looks and function for years, no matter what the weather.
Available in 14", 24" models.

6 foot "big boom" fully captures
7 & 8 inch circular saws.

•Positive-locking boom assembly always stays on measurement.
•Saw quickly releases from boom when not in use.
•Cuts 8 inch double-lap panel from 2/12 pitch up.
•Cuts 10 inch double-lap panel from 3/12 pitch up.
•Dual sliding wing supports for cutting wider panels, like soffit.
•Table extends up to 18 feet for fiber-cement support.

Long recognized as the top selling saw table in the siding industry, Trim-A-Table™ carries on a rich tradition of providing installers everywhere with fast and accurate cuts that keep the job site moving right along. We know every moment spent fussing with your saw table is a moment that could've been spent hanging siding. With up to 18 feet of extension support for your materials, you can focus on cutting your rakes and gables, not flip flopping materials to keep them from falling off the end of the table

Lightweight Aluminum Construction

Accommodates Most Circular Saws

Available in 45 and 90 Inch Models

Each Unit Complete With Back Fence

Van Mark Products offers 2 models of the SureCut Saw Table. The SureCut 90 & SureCut 45 are designed to provide fast reliable service when cutting siding, soffit, trim molding and decking planks of all shapes and sizes.

Keep your jobsite from digging it's nails into your cleanup routine with the most innovative magnetic sweeper to come along in years. NailHawg uses a state-of-the-art magnet assembly in a durable weather resistant body to ensure this tool stays working on the job for many years to come. Bending and stooping over to clear debris from a magnetic sweeper is a thing of the past.

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